** 2012 Science and Technology Award Winner **



* In 2001 S.P.R.I. combined its previous two awards given biennially into one award, The Science and Technology Award. This award will be presented at the 2012 S.P.R.I. Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.


SPRI 2012 Conference

The Dr. Margaret A. Clarke

Memorial Award for Best Paper


 Pranee Turbush

Dr. Margaret A. Clarke

Memorial Award for Best Paper

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The Dr. Margaret A. Clarke Memorial Award for Best Paper

This award will be offered at the 2012 S.P.R.I. Conference for the best paper on the program.  The purpose of this award is to foster excellence in scientific presentations.

Previous winners of the S.P.R.I. Science Award This award was given to an outstanding scientist whose research and development accomplishments have been distinguished by their originality and by their contribution to the sucrose processing and production industry.

Previous winners of the S.P.R.I. Industrial Technology Award This award was given to one outstanding individual whose contribution to the industry in the development of technology, or implementation of technology, has been distinguished by its originality and the resulting benefit to the industry.

Previous winner of the Dr. Margaret A. Clarke Award for Best Paper 2010 – Dr. Henrique V. Amorim, Fermentec Ltda, Piracicaba SP, Brasil. This award is given to the best paper presented at the SPRI Conference Technical Sessions.


Sponsoring member companies contribute dues to S.P.R.I.’s treasury on an annual basis. The fiscal year begins July 1st. Dues are based on annual production and set by the Board of Directors. S.P.R.I., Inc., funds are used for salary, equipment and operating expenses of S.P.R.I., with budget approval by the Board of Directors.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, under its Memorandum of Understanding with S.P.R.I., Inc., supplies laboratory and office space, some equipment, and appropriate personnel to work in cooperation with S.P.R.I., Inc., personnel on sugar processing research. U.S.D.A. also supplies the library and technical service facilities of the Southern Regional Research Center, a major laboratory with staff of 250; in this way, S.P.R.I., Inc., has access to the personnel, instrumental and information resources of a large research laboratory, but can still maintain industrial confidentiality as an incorporated entity.